UNET Central Station

A cardiologist’s automated workplace


  • A package of useful software for reception, analysis and storage of ECG
  • Automated SMS and email notifications about new ECGs
  • Flexible Integration into any local hospital network
  • Automated analysis of arrhythmias and myocardial infarction
  • An option to analyze ECG on a smartphone or a tablet

UNET is a cardiologic complex for remote highly qualified ECG diagnostic of heart function regardless cardiologist’s or patient’s location.

UNET consists of two functional elements, a UCARD-100 portable electrocardiograph and a telemetry

central station with automated document workflow and notifications.

UNET helps to solve two important issues:

  • to provide a highly qualified on-site cardiac diagnosis as part of emergency care wherever the patient needs it;
  • to create an effective system for early diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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Brochure (pdf, 15M)

Specification (pdf, 9M)

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