Portable ECG with integrated telemetry module

UCARD 100 is a portable ECG with integrated telemetry module for hospitals, ambulances, first aid and home visits. 12-lead acquisition, allows clinicians to make voice calls and transmit ECGs just like a smartphone. A built-in screen, printer and ECG interpretation system.

Electrocardiograph UCARD 100 combines compact size and advanced functionality: simultaneous recording of the 12 standard leads, LCD display, thermal printer, ECG analysis and interpretation, memory, built-in battery, telemetry ECG transmission system.

Built-in data transfer telemetry module allows transfer the registered ECG via wire and wireless digital communication channels to a telemedicine consultation center equipped with UNET Telemetry System, and promptly receives a highly qualified cardiologist advice.

ECG registration and diagnostic quality ECG analysis regardless of distance and location allows patient to receive a remote professional advice as well as maintain digital database.

  • Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition
  • A built-in screen and printer
  • A built-in ECG interpretation and pre-medical conclusion system
  • Effective defibrillation protection
  • Allows making voice calls and transmitting ECGs just like a smartphone
  • No need to purchase additional mobile phones or tablets

The time to transmit an ECG and an advisory feedback is less than 1 minute

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Brochure (pdf, 15M)

Specification (pdf, 9M)

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